About Us

Our Vision

Maud Borup prides itself on reinventing classic sweets using modern flavors, organic, and better-for-you ingredients while being a woman-owned and veteran-owned company committed to sustainability.

Our Commitment

You can depend on Maud Borup to develop and deliver high-quality and safe products while using the most environmentally-friendly practices, including zero landfill waste as well as up-cycling and recycling as much as possible.

Our Mission


We make, distribute, and sell safe, quality products that provide an indulgent experience while promoting business practices that respect the environment.


We take a sustainable approach to everything we create at Maud Borup. This cornerstone of who we are drives us to make the most sustainable product possible.


We identify new ways of innovating our product with sustainability top of mind to forward our promise of delicious food while doing good for the world.


We create branded, private label, and licensed assortments that include sweets, savory spices and sauces, beverage mixes, baking kits, snacks, and breakfast favorites sure to surprise and delight your customers!

eco eggs®

100% recycled, 100% renewable, BPA-free, Easter egg that brings joy and excitement while also doing good for the environment.

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Our Namesake

Maud Borup founded the company in 1907 when she began making candy in her home in St. Paul, Minnesota. True to Maud's spirit, we are a women-owned and veteran-owned company reinventing classic sweets profoundly committed to sustainability.

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