Buyers can request unique flavor profiles and packaging designed to match seasonal style guides. Confectionery and savory food gifts are created to fit store needs and customer preferences. We partner with retailers to identify market trends and areas of expansion, then assist with development and forecasting, to support and strengthen the merchandising process.

Choose from branded, private label and licensed assortments that go beyond sweets, including savory sauces, beverage mixes and baking kits available as a seasonal food gift or in the everyday aisle. Contact us to review our latest assortments.

Interested in carrying Maud Borup products? Email us at support@maudborup.com!

Seasonal Wholesale Collections


‘Tis the season! Irresistibly delicious, nostalgia-filled candy treats like hot chocolate and hot cocoa bombs as well as savory gifts like dip mix, popcorn and hot sauce sets to make the holidays a breeze.


A ghoulish Halloween assortment of pretzel rods, spooky eyeball gumballs, creepy lab kits, and bubbling beverage mixes that will make your Halloween display frightfully fun!

Valentine's Day

A magical collection of large gummies, cotton candy, molded chocolates, and sharable candies for the perfect gift to show how much you care.


Maud Borup offers a curated assortment of chocolates, gummies, and mini candies molded into shapes, with fresh colors and finishes. Perfect for giving and sharing in ways that are charming and memorable.

Everyday Wholesale Collection

Organic Cotton Candy

Fizzy Drink Bombs

Hot Cocoa Bombs



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